Our Services
• Office Cleaning
    • Commercial Cleaning
        • Industrial / Factory Cleaning
           • Government Cleaning
              • Carpet Cleaning
                 • Hotels and Clubs
                    • Hygiene / Washroom Services
                       • Window Cleaning
                          • High-Pressure Cleaning
Cleena are known for high-quality commercial cleaning services. Our specialty is office cleaning and maintenance service. We have been contracted to work with a number of different businesses in the Wagga Wagga area. We provide expert cleaning services for office buildings, supermarkets, government buildings, schools, hotels, clubs, shopping centres and much more.

We also offer full cleaning services for industrial businesses and factories. We will do a complete clean-up of your site, including high-pressure cleaning designed to help your facility look spotless and provide the sanitation it needs. 

We can clean up the worst spills and even remove graffiti. 

Cleena can thoroughly clean your company’s windows and floors. We can polish and seal your floors, as well as clean your carpets. We can get out the toughest stains and completely clean all your surfaces. We ensure complete hygiene on your property. 

For more information about all our professional cleaning services, contact Cleena. We have been helping businesses all over Wagga Wagga with their commercial cleaning needs. 

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